Golden Egg Productions was started in 1998 to provide quality audio and video recording, duplication and packaging to the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.  The niche for Golden Egg is to provide on-location recording services to utilize the many astounding acoustical spaces in the northeast.  Although multi-track services are available, the plan for Golden Egg was to use unique spaced-pair microphone techniques to capture the "true" sound of an acoustic performance. 
Golden Egg utilizes the latest digital technology and time-tested microphone techniques to capture the beautiful sounds of choral groups, orchestras, wind ensembles, concert bands, string quartets and other musical pairings.
In addition, acoustic Jazz ensembles are a specialty of the company.
Thomas J, McHugh, President
A life-long resident of northeastern PA, Tom grew up wanting to pursue a career in audio. At the age of 9, his love of music led him to learn how to play guitar and, by the age of 12, he was performing "professionally" in bands .  His first gig was in 1964 as guitarist and singer at a new years eve party with two of his musical friends. He played in bands throughout high school and college, performing at various area venues including school dances, bars and clubs.
Although he had a childhood dream of becoming an AM radio DJ, Tom's goal of a career in the field began to take shape as a junior in college when he volunteered to work at a local FM station in WIlkes-Barre/Scranton, PA.  The station also had a music recording facility where he cut his "audio teeth" on multi-tracking. After graduating from the University of Scranton, Tom worked full-time in the Radio / TV field including spending extensive time in recording, editing, producing and hosting various styles of musical genre including classical, jazz, and pop.
Tom's nearly 40 year career in the field has allowed him to record many world class musicians as well as earning recognition with numerous regional, state-wide and national awards.
Susan E. McMullen,  Media Specialist
Susan has always had an eye for quality.  Growing up in the midwest, she learned to appreciate hard work, graphic design and quality workmanship from her father, a print shop owner.  Her love of photography showed at an early age as she utilized multi-types of cameras to document everyday life including early film, 3-D, instant and digital.  Her unique ability to frame the perfect shot led to her interest in videography.
Susan began working with Golden Egg as a production assistant in early 2000 and soon was learning every operational aspect of the business. As videographer, she has earned numerous Telly Awards for her skills.  Susan has perfected her graphic design ability from the early days of cassette "J cards" to the intricate multi-layer projects of CD and DVD cases. Each design that she produces is unique and different, and provides an interesting perspective of what awaits the listener / viewer who experiences the enclosed production.
Susan is also the chief audio editor for Golden Egg Productions, providing audio sweetening, sequencing and mastering of the final product that you enjoy.  Her keen eye for detail, the abililty to capture the essence of the performance and her love and dedication to the job makes her an essential part of the company.
Jeff Laue, Audio Engineer
Jeff is a native of Waterloo, Iowa and has a unique ear for quality recordings. A graduate of the Music Recording Technology program at Luzerne County Community College, Jeff started his career as an IT specialist. He's coupled his interest in computers and digital audio to provide a unique ability to capture the real sound of the performance from the audience prespective.
Golden Egg Productions